Friday, February 27, 2015

Non-CIAA shows and parties tonight

I have to admit, it's pretty cool to be able to suggest other fun places to go if you don't want to hang out for the CIAA. Just think 10 years ago, where would you go? 

NoDa was still floundering and so was Plaza-Midwood. Ballantyne Village was kind of fun in a divorced, cougar kind-of-way. Coyote Joe's hadn't been swept up into the CIAA revelry back then. 

Now we have a slew of brew pubs ringing uptown, and our live music venues have always been solid. 

For my CIAA fans, I've updated my picks. There's an R&B concert at Amos' Southend tonight and a go-go party on Saturday. Both events are in Southend which means neither parking or traffic should be atrocious.

So everyone, let's get this party started. See you in the streets...

Courtney Recommends - '90s rockers Helmet are known for hit album "Betty." Read why Courtney says you should see them tonight. 9 p.m. Visulite Theatre, 1615 Elizabeth Ave. $20. Parking available. 


Helen Writes - OMB is unveiling it's springish beer, Früh Bock, today. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery,  4150 Yancy Road.

Don't Forget

Escape The CIAA – Enjoy two nights full of Bands, DJ's, a flip cup tournament, cornhole tournament and more at TyberPalooza. There's a beer tasting on Saturday. It’s being billed as “THE BEST place to be CIAA weekend with the locals.” 7 p.m. Tyber Creek Pub, 1933 South Blvd.  Registration for tournaments.