Thursday, April 28, 2016

Roadtrip: Greensboro Breweries

If you still think Natty Greene's is the only local brewery in Greensboro then you haven't have ventured north in a while. The craft beer scene is still way smaller than Charlotte, but it's growing. If you’re headed that way, here are a few spots to try.

First things first,  I never drink on an empty stomach. I started my custom beer crawl with a stop at Hops Burger Bar. We got lucky and found two seats at the bar. According to our Uber driver, the line at Hops often spills down the sidewalk. It’s easy see why, the burgers are delicious. They aren't overly big, but they pack a lot of flavor. There’s the typical custom burger option, but the restaurant’s crafted burgers are creative and tasty.  Don’t miss the fries. We loved the garlic and rosemary, but there are a variety from which to choose.

Now for the breweries.

Pig Pounder
1107 Grecade St

I’m in love with Pig Pounder. It’s not just the name. The name drew me there, but the vibe hooked me. Pig Pounder feels like a polished dive bar (oxymoron alert), not a local brewery. When I visited, a bartender named Chris, entertained us all night with information about the beer and Greensboro. BTW: Chris found his way to Pig Pounder via bartending stints in NoDa’s bar scene. Pounder’s Boarrio IPA is the only IPA that I will drink, but the Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout was my favorite. It was full of flavor unlike most craft stouts. The Barbieswine, a barley wine, which is now on tap, is great for non-beer drinkers. You know there’s story behind the name, but you’ll need to visit to find out. Be sure to ask about the handmade bar stools, made of recycled materials.

Preyer Brewing
600 A-B Battleground Ave

Nichole and her husband Calder Preyer opened Preyer Brewing in May 2015. Drinking local beers on a backpacking trip in the Czech Republicinspired Calder to become a home-brewer. Of course dipping a toe into home brewing lead to opening a brewery. They’ve created a comfortable brewery that feels more like a bar than the typical brewery. It’s dark with dark furniture and a supremely cool staff. Another good aspect is that Preyer's neighbor is Crafted The Art of Street Food.

Gibbs Hundred Brewery
117 W. Lewis

Natty Greene’s is no longer the only downtown brewpub in Greensboro. Gibbs Hundred opened a couple of years ago and provides a totally different vibe than Natty’s. While the veteran brewpub feels more like a big sports bar, Natty Greene’s is more low-key and quieter. It’s also extremely kid-friendly. Gibbs offers the typical range of locally crafted brews as well as seasonal fare.