Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: Nene loves gays, slams haters at Comedy Zone (Video)

Tonight, Charlotte's gay communities wasn't the center of a national firestorm about gender identity and discrimination. Tonight, our gay communities was simply the apple of Nene Leakes' eye and it felt good.

During Leakes' performance at the Comedy Zone, Leakes repeatedly expressed her love for her gay fans who've helped propel her from a one-trick reality star into a national celebrity.

"I have to have gays on my team," she said. "They pump your a-- up."

Leakes didn't show her love for her gay fans by slamming HB 2 or the N.C. state legislature. Her joke about that:
"What ya'll need to say 'bye wig' to is the people who make laws down here. On a good day, I can be a straight up dude. I can pee standing up. Don't do me."

She slammed Trump for insulting "the" gays, but mostly she simply told jokes and stories that expressed how much she valued her gay fans and staff.  Leakes' show wasn't just about gays and lesbians, but she drew such a vociferous gay audience during her Comedy Zone show that I couldn't ignore it.

Leakes kicked off her "So Nasty, So Rude" tour with two sold out shows at the Comedy Zone tonight. I'm not sure where else the tour is going. No other cities have been listed. However, based on her performance tonight and the exuberance of the crowd, I'm sure more cities will be announced soon.

Leakes walked onstage to a standing ovation and immediately high-five fans. Leakes gave fans exactly what they expected, a mix of dissing her Real House Wives of Atlanta nemeses Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, Leakes' style braggadocio about her wig and her looks, and her response to haters.

I know who Leakes is, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I'll admit, her profanity-laced show - every other word started with a B - was funny. She had a one-liner about Tyler Perry, impersonated Janet Jackson's IG video about preparing for a family and gave plenty of shout-outs to her husband Greg, who walked her onto the stage.

She was extremely gracious. She started the show by giving high fives to her fans from the stage. She ended the by answering questions from the audience. Upon her exit, she walked through the crowd and posed with as many people as she could on her way out the door.

Fans swarm Leakes after her performance.
 Audience Q&A

Why did you quit Housewives?
I didn't quit. My season was up and I was like b----, I'm not coming back. It was an overly stressful season. I had to deal with Claudia.'s stank-a--"

Why a comedy show in Charlotte?
"I do this s--- everyday. I love to talk s---. I'm a s--- talker. I had nothing to do with it. The first show happened to be Charlotte. I didn't choose Charlotte. Charlotte chose me."

How do you fight being put in a box?
"Ain't none of my s--- boxed."

 F---, Marry, Kill Real Housewives husbands?
"People be acting like I date Peter (Thomas). I don't date Peter. I don't do people with accents."

Maybe not, but she gave Thomas and his bar Sports One plenty of shoutouts on stage. She told the crowd to meet her at the College Street bar after the show.