Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: Arsenio Hall's live was funnier than I expected

If you had any doubts about seeing Arsenio Hall this week, don't. His performance at The Comedy Zone kept me laughing throughout his hour long set.

Some bits were even table-slapping funny. Others were clutch-my-pearls moments. His babytoe bit at the beginning of his set did go a little long.  I’d heard snippets of his material during our interview, but most of what I heard on Friday night was new to me. He tackled everyday life stuff as well as politics and celebrities.

I was most impressed with how he handled a heckler who made a gay joke about his “Celebrity Apprentice” opponent Clay Aiken. Hall called him out in a profanity-laced bit and told him to shut up.

Speaking of profanity, as I mentioned in my interview earlier this week, Hall’s show is adult comedy. It is filled with profanity. One woman at my table seemed to physically bristle each time he cursed or made a joke with a sexual reference.

Favorite one liners:

On OJ Simpson movie - “That’s the only movie that we’ll watch and we know the f—— ending.”

On Obama - “I’mma miss him.  I know one thing. He’s not gonna miss this sh—. He didn’t know change we could believe in was gonna be his hair.”

On Bernie Sanders - “Young people love bernie Sanders. He’s the oldest MF in the room.

On Bill Clinton - “ Bill Clinton in the White House without a f—— job! He’s gonna wyle out.”

There are plenty of more memorable jokes in a show that doesn’t disappoint. He performs at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. tonight.