Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roadtrip: Boone Breweries have good beer and great food

Since it's midway North Carolina Craft Beer Month, I'm spotlighting breweries outside of Charlotte. This week I head west.

Not Asheville West. The other West. The Boone area boasts a handful of local breweries that are worthy of a road trip.

Boonshine Brewing Company

You can find Boonshine beers on tap at McKethan Brothers Barbecue. The beers pare well with the smoked meats at this family-owned barbecue restaurant in Boone. Both are relatively new additions to Boone’s restaurant and beer lineup. McKethan Brothers opened in May 2015. Moonshine opened in July. Owners Carson Coatney and Tim Herdklotz, former homebrewers, crafted the typical range of brews from the 3150 Ale (a light ale) to the Molasses Porter. My favorites was the 3150 ale, which was refreshing with a hoppiness that smooths out near the end.

Ben and Aaron McKethan’s used old family recipes such as slow-cooked chicken to create a menu inspired by their childhood. The ribs and chicken are cooked overnight, and finished on the wood-fired grill.  I suggest the pimento cheese tray and the ribs. All of the meats,  except the smoked turkey, are delicious. The turkey was a dryer than the other meats. If you have a large group, order the sample. If it’s just you and your boo get the meat combo.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery
If you like the loud, vibrant brewery scene then AMB is your spot. It will reminds me of NoDa. The bar was crowded. There was also live music. AMB has a rustic feel with wood, cinder-block walls and wooden taps handles. The beers are the typical craft fare, but it’s really the atmosphere that separates AMB from the other Boone area breweries. It draws a young crowd. Bring a group of friends for a good time.

By Sam Dean

Lost Province

I do not like saisons, but I loved, loved, loved Lost Province’s Heirloom Saison. It was tasted like a fall harvest in my mouth. It wasn't pumpkiny like most fall beers. It was robust and flavorful. Oh, and did I mention the St. Nick’s Revenge? Oh my goodness. Out of all of the Boone area breweries, Lost Province was definitely my favorite. Both of the beers I mentioned are seasonal brews, but Lost Providence how to brew a beer. I also liked the Belgian Dubbel. I haven’t even mentioned the wood fired pretzels, the sriracha honey wood fired wings, the beer hummus and house-made pita. We also crushed the beer mac & cheese and the charcuterie. Those are just the starters - the starters! So, you know the pizza was delicious. The Morning Sunshine is creative (features a sunny side egg), but my favorites were the Rosticceria  and The Depot Street.

Be sure to finish the night with a late night cookie delivery. Boone has Insomnia Cookies and Appalachain Cookie Company.