Monday, February 15, 2016

Catch On Seafood Partners With Peculiar Rabbit For Monthly Dinners

My favorite seafood market, Catch On Seafood is partnering with its Plaza-Midwood neighbor the Peculiar Rabbit to offer monthly seafood dinners. The first will be on Feb. 25.

I love Catch On and the market's commitment to Plaza-Midwood. This is the market's latest innovative offering. If you didn't know. Catch On features crabcakes from Plaza-Midwood's Bistro La Bon. The market also partners with VanLandingham Estate to prepare take-and-bake seafood dinners. Catch On currently works with Peculiar Rabbit during crab season. They use the restaurant kitchen to steam the crabs, which are sold by the dozen. As a Marylander, I have to admit the steamed crabs are really good - not Maryland good, but good.

The monthly seafood dinners will feature a five-course seafood meal with the first course being cocktail hour with a top shelf cocktail and appetizers like crabs claws, crudo, ceviche, poke. The 1 1/2 hour sit down four-course meal will include local made dumplings, a small plate, a fish entree and a lemon pistachio raspberry tart. The chefs will show you how the food is being made, the ingredients and how to cook it.

Cost: $60 per person