Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Welcome back Tonya Jameson

We'd like to welcome back former Paid to Party blogger, Tonya Jameson.

Tonya has grown up on the ever-changing Charlotte entertainment scene and she gets out and about more than anyone I know.

She likes to try new things, has a varied palate and a thirst for social culture that is sure to entertain you and get you out of the house. Tonya says: I like taco trucks (yeah, I remember them) and diners after midnight. I can have fun seeing a new exhibit at the Mint Museum or barhopping uptown or straight chilling in Plaza-Midwood -- or all three on the same night! I work hard, play harder and do CrossFit so I can look good.

Yep, she's back.

For the next few months, Tonya will be testing a new feature for The Observer, primarily aimed at weekend events and other ways to entertain yourself, your family, your visitors.

Tonya will provide you will tips on where to go and what to do with your weekend and she'll be tweeting and live-blogging from specific events. So set your bookmark to Sip+Play and enjoy the ride.

-- Online editor Dee-Dee Strickland