Sunday, November 16, 2014

Using the 3 sip rule at a sold out Sourfest

Take three sips. The first one shocks your mouth, the second one gets your mouth used to the beer and the third is how the beer should taste. At Sourfest Release the Funk 2: Electric Funkaloo, I sipped and I sipped and I sipped. Turns out, I'm not a sour beer person, but I met some great people and ran into old friends yesterday. I'd go back just for that. Out of my several sips, I liked Natty Greene's Brett Lime Shandy the best. It took more than three sips to get used to it. 

The sold out two-year-old beer festival drew nearly 350 people to the Neighborhood Theatre on Saturday. It included sour beers from more than two dozen breweries. Asheville's Wicked Weed was by far the most poplar brewery. It consistently had a line. Their Divergence Sour Porter seemed to be the unofficial favorite.