Sunday, November 30, 2014

The hangover edition: brunch at Dogwood

Tired of leftovers, head over to SouthPark for brunch at Dogwood Southern Table and Bar (4905 Ashley Park Lane), by Jon and Kim Dressler. The menu offers a little something for everyone whether it's egg dishes, sandwiches or hearty entrees. We started with the pimento cheese and country bread along with the biscuits. The biscuits were biscuits, but the pimento cheese came with a tomato jam that was delicious.

My main entree was the eggs cooked with tasso ham, green onions and a side of country potatoes. The ham added just enough flavor to the eggs. Shezrotn ordered the steak and eggs. The ribeye steak was surprisingly bland. Considering we often get the ribeye at Dressler, we expected the steak to be more flavorful.

For libations, I tried the Bloody Mary, which was tasty, but still doesn't compare to a Zing Zang Bloody Mary. It came with a pilsner beer back which was a nice touch. We finished the meal with hot tea. It's Rishi, sold in Whole Foods, a loose leaf steeped in a teapot. We had the jasmine and the mint.