Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What's So Special About Pappy Van Winkle? (Video)

So an auction house in Hillsborough is planning to auction bottles of Pappy Van Winkle next week. One bottler could fetch more than $1,000 easily. If you're not a whiskey drinker, you're probably wondering what's the big deal about a Kentucky bourbon that sounds like the title of a kid's book.

Buffalo Trace Distillery only releases about 7,000 bottles of Pappy each fall. Liquor stores and bars only get a bottle or two - if they're lucky. Bottles sell from $80-$250, according to Forbes magazine. Last year, Buffalo Trace released a statement that it would release fewer bottles than usual.

In Charlotte, Heist Brewery, RiRa and Queen City Que are a few of the places where Pappy can be found behind the bar when new bottles hit the market. To better understand the Pappy mystique, I attended a rare Pappy tasting at RiRa last month. I'll let Republic National's Jason Bradley tell you what's so special about Pappy.

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