Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recap: St. Patrick's Day Partying In Matthews (Photos)

I wanted a different experience for St. Patrick's Day so I headed down to Matthews to experience the Shamrock Crawl. It was mostly contained to bars in the Town Square in Downtown Matthews. Liked the vibe. A little more hometown, but still fun. Pockets of friends hung out, but the crowds weren't over-powering. I saw a mix of families and older couples. Typically, St. Patrick's Day tends to draw the more raucous drunkards, but that wasn't the case in Matthews. Nice change of pace for me.

His beard is permed. My hair is not!

 The line inside the Beer Temple.
Scene outside the Beer Temple
When my friends suggested I try Moe's for dinner, I thought they meant the fast casual Tex-Mex restaurant. Not!

This wasn't Tex-Mex. Best Corned Beef, I've ever had on St. Patrick's Day. Typically the meat is dry, but this was great. Gotta go back for the brisket, which is served on Fridays and is apparently phenomenal. 

I met the Mayor James P. Taylor out to dinner with his crew.

Bar hopping in Town Square

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