Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four Weeks Later: Seoul Food Meat Company (Review)

These days, every new restaurant opening in Charlotte is reported like Pope's visit. And everything, is overhyped based on the media night, which is when the restaurant puts on its best face.

I'm letting the hype die down before I experience these new additions. This week, I finally tried Seoul Food Meat Company, the Korean BBQ joint, in lower Southend. I must admit. It's worthy of some of the hype.

I'll start with the pork belly. In recent weeks, I've sworn-off pork belly. It's the most over-used protein on Charlotte restaurant menus these days. Problem is, unlike chicken or steak, a pork belly entree is rarely filling. I typically get three slivers of meat. I'm growing - I need grub.

At Seoul, I got my fill of pork belly, and it was delicious. The crispy pork belly has fantastic flavor and the portion size is appropriate for a growing girl. Our tray above also features Bao bun (doughy bun), vinegar slaw (great flavor and not spicy), picked deviled eggs (delicious) and for your dose of green, try the broccoli (ice cold, but tasty). Not pictured is the sriracha cracklins. I like how it was lightly fried, but it wasn't very sriracha-like. Plus, it wasn't warm. The pork skins at The Liberty are better.

Seoul's wings are my favorite in the city. They are crazy meaty and exploding with flavor from the skin to the meat. Most places drench their wings in sauce and oil, but the meat is tasteless. Not at Seoul. I liked soy garlic the best, but the barbecue was good too.

Overall, Seoul is great for me. Lots of protein and a vegetable that wasn't dripping in oil. My one complaint is that with the exception of the wings, none of the food came out hot. The broccoli is served cold and crispy pork was room temperature. Even the Bao buns were cold. Who wants a cold dough bun. My server Francis L was overwhelmed, but energetic. He apologized profusely for taking forever to make first contact, but then he was spot on. The food came out incredibly fast, (before the drinks) which makes me think many of the dishes aren't made-to-order.

Sip + Play Says: Worth the hype

Watch Seoul's transformation via FB:

We will be opening our doors to the public on Saturday 2/20 at 4:30pm! Special preview of selected menu items will be available! Can't wait to see everyone 
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Still working hard to open soon...we still don't have an exact opening day but we will keep you guys posted as the days get closer! #charlottenc#southend#golddistrict#charlotteeats#seoulfoodmeatco
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Monday, January 18, 2016

A peek inside...
The inside is slowly but surely coming together too! #seoulfoodmeatco#golddistrict#southend#charlottenc
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Friday, January 8, 2016

Outside is coming along...
Awnings are up and looking good! #southend#seoulfoodmeatco#charlottenc#golddistrict
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Friday, January 8, 2016

A peek inside...
Bar top got its top coat and we are loving the way it looks!! We're getting excited!
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Friday, December 11, 2015
No way, it looked like this!
Nice warm day for some construction! #seoulfoodmeatco#charlottenc#southend#golddistrict#comingsoon
Posted by Seoul Food Meat Company on Thursday, December 3, 2015