Friday, April 17, 2015

My new home: Ri Ra's new Irish Whiskey Room (Video)

Oh yeah! I'm digging Ri Ra's new Irish Whiskey Room. The venerable Charlotte Irish pub converted its upstairs bar into an Irish whiskey room. They only serve Irish whiskeys and beers. Co-owner Ciaran Sheehan says it's the only exclusively Irish whiskey room in the country, and it features 40 Irish whiskey, including only available there.

The room also features an exclusive small plate menu featuring everything from steak bites to Jameson's hush puppies. Drinks include a variety of punches and whiskey cocktails. The masterminds of this concept want to newbies to learn more about whiskey. For example, the flight come with a take-home information card. I'm going to let co-owner Ciaran Sheehan and world renowned (named world's best bartender in 2013) Jack McGarry (New York's Dead Rabbit and Grog) tell you more about it in the video below.

Photo credit: Tonya Jameson and Ri Ra.