Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! Here's Some Adult Fun

Happy Easter! Celebrate the holiday with some adult entertainment. Looking for Easter Brunch. If you’re making last minute Easter plans try Helen's list.

Be A Kid - The only thing I liked about Easter was Easter Egg hunts in my backyard. Grownup kids can be kids again at the Adult Easter Egg Hunt. Hunt for eggs and listen to local music from Colby Dobbs Band! Winners of the hunt can win gift certificates and giveaways from breweries! Adult Easter Egg Hunt, 12 p.m. Pint Central,  1226 Central Ave Suite A. Parking onsite and nearby.

Don’t Miss
Show Your Roll - Tonight's the big night. Egg Roll designers have shared their idea for a great egg roll for a chance to be the egg roll of the month in the 1st Annual #CLT EggRoll Challenge. Finale event 6:30 p.m. Monday Draught, 601 S Cedar St.

Top NC Chef - If you love food competition shows, you’ll love this. It’s the City Preliminary Battle: Bank of America Stadium v. The Cypress Club. Two Charlotte area restaurants battle it out side by side in a single elimination, blind dinner format.  Diners get a six-course menu (three courses from each chef, without knowing whose food you're tasting) created around a "Mystery" North Carolina ingredient. 6 p.m., Bonterra Dining & Wine Room, 1829 Cleveland Ave. $69.71.