Thursday, July 30, 2015

"I will cut you!" Bon Qui Qui's sold out show

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Bon Qui Qui fan. I've only seen a few clips of the rude Burger King worker popularized on MadTV and YouTube. Naturally, I had no interest in seeing Bon Qi Qi's live Charlotte performance at McGlohon Theater on Tuesday.

Sip and Play occasional contributor Gray Baby, however, was all about going to the show. Her description of the performance surprised me. The audience was predominately made up of white women, which I didn't expect. Plus, the show really had a theme of women's empowerment. I totatlly didn't expect that. I might go see her next time she comes to Charlotte. Maybe.

Anyway, here's Gray Baby's review of Bon Qui Qui:

Comedian/Actress Anjelah Johnson came to the Knight Theater on Tuesday for a sold out performance of her "Bon Qui Qui Tour." Johnson who was an actress on the popular television show, MADtv gave the audience of mostly women, a mix of comedy, music and hilarity.

Bon Qui Qui is well-known for her Vietnamese nail technician skit and rude fast food worker. Johnson isn’t known for holding back on making fun of cultural differences. 

The 2-1/2 hour show, which included a live band, began with Johnson performing standup. During her set, the peitite actress shared her funny experiences on the challenges of marriage to the inappropriate ways men from different races try to pick up women. 

Surprisingly, one of the best parts of her routine was her message to women on following their dreams. Johnson shared her struggle and how through perseverance she was able to live her dreams and achieve success. She also encouraged women to love and accept themselves for who they are.

The second half of the performance showcased her husband's band, Group 1 Crew for a hyped mix of original songs and cover tunes. The group reminded me of The Black Eye Peas. Johnson's husband Manwell Reyes, who sang lead, gave lots of shout-outs and love to his wife and her accomplishments. He shared that initially, he was afraid to go on their tour journey, but he was happy they were having this experience. I could tell from his words that this tour was a family effort built of love. 

For the last half of the show, Bon Qui Qui performed eight songs from her Warner Brother released CD, "Gold Plated Dreams." Audiences members danced to songs such as “Sacurrity,”  “I Will Cut You” and “Oh No He Didn’t.”

Bon Qui Qui  – wearing tight white pants, long finger nails, and wig - gave the screaming audience a full concert experience. She sounded better at times than some of the mainstream singers topping the charts. Bon Qui Qui paid homage to Charlotte by rocking a Charlotte baseball cap during one of her routines while her dances wore Charlotte Hornets jackets.

Overall, the show was a well-planned, energetic mix of Johnson the comedian and Bon Qui Qui the outlandish rapper. The evening felt like a labor of love sprinkled with fun over-the-top clich├ęs and positive messages. 



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