Sunday, July 5, 2015

Green eggs and lamb, Ramen Bloody Mary at Earl's Grocery

Looking for a different brunch experience? Try Earl's Grocery. Today's menu features crab and fried green tomatoes. I popped in a couple of weeks ago when the popular eatery and market lunched it's new brunch service. It's a more casual take on Sunday brunch with breakfast items based on some of the store's popular regular items such as the Steak taco, but with egg, along with speciality breakfast items such as french toast.

Drinks range from creative takes on Bloody Marys to mimosas to last week's ginger peach, Peach Ginger Lemongrass & Basil Aqua Fresca with Rum. 

I tried to the Green Eggs and Lamb which was basically a deconstructed gyro with an egg and lamb patty. I wasn't impressed. The lamb patty was too dry and I needed more meat. I also tried the ramen Bloody Mary, but it was too heavy on horseradish. 

I'll try the brunch again. The first week isn't the best indicator. If not for the food, I'll go anyway just for the company. I ran into several people that I knew and the vibe was good as usual.

Next week:
Tuesday: If you've lived in Charlotte for a while you may remember the popular and now closed Spanish resturant Las Ramblas. According to Helen Schwab, owner JD Duncan and chef Blake Hartwick bring back a menu and wine list (21 of those) reminiscent of the Dilworth tapas restaurant. Menu includes: braised meatballs in Rioja sauce. It'll be at Bonterra. Read Helen's blog for more details.