Monday, June 22, 2015

The Workman's Friend Opens In Plaza-Midwood (Photo Gallery)

The Workman's Friend opened this week in Plaza-Midwood. It's the newest spot from what I affectionally call the Irish crew - Tommy Timmons, Kevin Devin and Maynard Goble - owners of Connolley's, Prohibition and Dandelion Market.

The Workman's Friend is more than typical Irish pub with corned beef and cabbage. Sherpard's Pie is on the menu, but so is lamb, salmon and a dish called "Not Your Mama's" Pork & Beans. The cocktail features craft cocktails such as the signature The Workman's Friend. I wanted to try the Pickle-Back Shot. It's a shot of Jameson's with a sidecar of pickle brine. Unfortunately, they'd sold out of the pickle brine by the time I arrived on Friday night. It's housemade and used to the pickled okra.

 I cooled off on Saturday at Margarita Wars at the Rooftop 210's at the EpiCentre.