Friday, June 12, 2015

Loved Mumford & Sons, loathed lawn seats

I've recuperated from last night's Mumford & Sons concert in Raleigh. They played many of their old songs, but spent much of the show performing songs from their new album. Marcus Mumford said last night's gig was one of the best performances they've done since they've been back on the road.

The Mumford & Sons concert at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre was great, but I will never sit in the lawn again (unless it's free.) I'll admit, I'm spoiled from my pop music critic days. I actually went to hear the performance not listen to hundreds of people talk around me. The buzz was like the hum of drowning people in the ocean in "Titanic."

Equally annoying was everyone trying to shoot videos and photos with their flash or video lights with their phones. We were a gajillion yards away from the stage. Once it became dark, the only thing a phone camera can do is pick up a large colored glow from the lights on stage. All night long, on top of yapping people taking selfies, I see beams of light shooting from behind me.

No more lawn shows for me, which is a bummer because Hozier is coming next week to the Uptown Amphitheatre.

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