Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wyatt Cenac calls Kim Kardashian a privileged porn star

Wyatt Cenac had absolutely no love for Kim Kardashian during his show at the Comedy Zone on Wednesday. In his wide-ranging stand-up show, Cenac completely ripped Kardashian's popularity as a media celebrity. The former writer and correspondent for "The Daily Show" spent a lot of time blasting the sex tape that made Kardashian a household name. His jokes were funny, they were a really a critique of the media and pop culture consumers who are obsessed with Kardashian, but revile the everyday women who exploit their bodies for money. 

Initially, Cenac's stand-up at the Comedy Zone was typical. He offered everyday observations about life in New York and current events. He also reminded me a little of Kevin Hart with his self-deprecating humor about his unruly mane and beard. Then Cenac weighed in on privilege. It was smart comedy, but I would expect nothing less from a comedian with Cenac's credentials.