Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Daze: From An Irish Toast To Bill Belk

At my table for the NYE celebration at the Duke Mansion, tablemate former judge Bill Belk lamented when I declined a glass of wine. He had already joked with me about working during the meal (updating twitter) and now about drinking water. Belk and I go way back. I live tweeted his disciplinary hearing for the Observer.

"New Year's Eve is a marathon not a sprint," I playfully replied. 

I call New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day amateur nights. People who don't typically drink get rip-roaring drunk. 

My friends and I started our New Year's Eve at the Beer Growler with a flight. Plus, I needed to my baby growler ready for today's Alabama game. Then we hung with Tommy Timmins at Tyber Creek Pub for an Irish New Year's toast. We toasted with Black Velvet, Guinness mixed with champagne (tastier than you might think). 

After Tyber, the night flew with stops at the Duke Mansion for their celebration which kicked off the Duke Mansion’s 100th birthday this year. The food was superb and the crowd well-heeled crowd was friendly.

After Duke, I headed back for CLT NYE. Pockets of people danced, kids played video games and enjoyed the face painting area. My night ended at Rich & Bennett's annual New Year's Eve celebration at Phoenix. Initially, I thought the party was low-key, but the rooftop tented area was wild. A couple of over-indulged revelers danced with each other and everyone else. They came to partayy and they did. Welcome 2015!!