Sunday, May 1, 2016

Do you have a drinking problem?

I've spent most of April highlighting NC Craft Beer month, but ironically, April was also Alcohol Awareness Month. The April issue of Men's Health featured an article that helped me understand my ability to hold my liquor aka drink with the big boys. According to the article in Men's Health, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism calls my ability Alcohol Use Disorder.

Since college, I've prided myself in being able to consume hefty quantities of quality liquor and beer (often simultaneously). I honed the skill even more in my Paid to Party days. Any given week could include free liquor at events not too mention shots with friends, club owners and promoters or drinks at the house. #Realtalk

I've always known that my ability isn't a healthy indulgence, and nullifies much of my fitness efforts. My philosophy was always that I workout to eat and drink. But in February, I vowed to cut out alcohol for three months. My exception was covering specific events such as beer festivals and bourbon tastings, but I limited myself to a couple drinks at these events. No social drinking with friends or at home.

My goal was to bring my tolerance level down to something more normal for a person my size. It worked for a while. I did well in February and March. In the last two weeks, I've bar hopped in New York and now I'm in Amsterdam. I checked out beer gardens and breweries in Belgian. Truthfully, my tolerance is as strong as ever, but so is my determination to practice better moderation.

If you want to self diagnose whether yourself, take this quiz. It may confirm that suspicion in the back of your mind or give you peace of mind.