Monday, October 19, 2015

Great fun at BiketoberFest, Living Room -- Not so much (Photos)

Saturday was a day to go out and play, and I did. I sped my newly-tuned up bike (thanks Spoke Easy) throughout uptown to experience BiketoberFest. The fundraiser encouraged participants to bike to different spots throughout Charlotte. Each stop featured a question about how to make Charlotte a better community, especially involving transit.

Participants received stamps on their BiketoberFest passport at each stop. Some places such as Discovery Place featured activities, such as welding a bike sculpture. It was a great event for families, couples and groups. I saw a few people doing it alone, but it was definitely an experienced to be shared.

Before finishing my bike night at The Beer Growler, I stopped by the Neighborhood Living Room in Southend. A few people hung out there, but it was a low-key crowd. It's a cool concept, but I went at a slow time. I did eat some delicious chicken chili from Tavern on the Tracks, which I haven't been to in years. I finished the night at Luciano's with some yumalcious osso bucco. It was a great day.