Thursday, March 5, 2015

Price gouging, gunfire and I still love the CIAA (Video)

I love the CIAA. I really do. I love what the CIAA represents not the ratchedness that surrounds some of the parties and people during tournament week. Yes, traffic is a mess. Yes, too many of the people who come here that week act completely ignorant. And two people were shot. But for everyone of them there's a Mr. CIAA, the older Fayetteville alum I met at the barbershop and so many others.

The over-the-top people combined with the frustration over the charging practices at the Ritz, higher than usual event pricing parking at a variety of clubs has many of my local friends complaining about the event. It's funny really, when the tournament came here, many of my peers weren't sure it would be successful. Now, it seems it's too successful. Not to me. I make the CIAA the experience that I want, and this year was no different.

I started partying Tuesday and didn't finish until Sunday morning. And I did it my way, no stress, no mess. I spent finale Saturday at Icehouse watching the D.C. go-go band Suttle Thoughts at a day party. I ended my night at Release! House party at Petra's. How did you enjoy the week?

Release! House Music Party